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Adianti Framework 5.0: Material design, Multi-company, Barcodes, documents
  • 2017-10-30
  • EN

After another year of work, we are sharing with you the news of the Adianti Framework 5.0 for PHP ( Among the main new features, is full compatibility with the composer, a new responsive template based on Material Design ( with more modern dialogs, and new date picker, facilities for Multi-tenancy implementation, Barcodes generation, QRCodes, PDF document generation, new record selection components, Firebird-approved connection, and many more!

New Material interface
Adianti FrameworkAdianti Framework training at Instituto Metropóle Digital in Natal-RN
  • 2017-06-26
  • EN

After extensive study of the frameworks and development tools available in the market, Velit Tecnologia, active since 2011 in the ERP market for the segment of auto parts in the northeast region, decided to use the Adianti Framework in its management systems. In order to accelerate the learning curve, the group contracted the Adianti face-to-face training, in which knowledge about the Framework, and development IDE is transferred, and also aspects of modeling, software architecture, and customizations per project are discussed.

With the training, the group's IT intends to apply the framework in the development of the new web interface of its ERP management system with Oracle database. The training was useful for the team to have greater confidence in the use of the technology, to take still doubts about Object Orientation in PHP, persistence layer, use of the Framework, to perform leveling of the team, and also to discuss about the architecture to be used in the project .

Paulo Rogério Martins Oliveira, manager of Velit, already envisions considerable time gains in the development of new interfaces. But the main benefits are standardization of source code, readability, organization, and also application performance.

Velit Team with Instructor Nataniel
Adianti Framework, UCPelUCPel completes academic ERP with Adianti Framework
  • 2017-05-29
  • EN

After more than three years of intense work, the IT department of the Catholic University of Pelotas ( finalized the development and began the implementation of its new academic ERP (Zattera-SGU) developed with the Adianti Framework. This project began in 2013, when the team was fully qualified by Adianti Solutions in PHP, Object Orientation and Adianti Framework.

Academic ERP will manage the entire student relationship with the institution: enrollments, additions, cancellations, collection, financial, historical, class journals, selection process, among others. The new ERP was developed with the Adianti Framework with the support of Adianti Solutions. Adianti already has extensive experience in this type of system since it also has Univates ( as a client for more than 10 years, having supported it in the development of various academic systems.

Born with a community profile, the Catholic University of Pelotas is the first Institution of Higher Education in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, and is dedicated to teaching, research and extension. Although the University officially existed since 1960, its history began well before, with the faculty of Economic Sciences in 1937.

Development Team at UCPel
Adianti, Framework, Adianti FrameworkAdianti Framework 4.0.0: Responsiveness, Messages, Documents, Calendars
  • 2016-12-14
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

After another year of work, we would like to share with you the Adianti Framework 4.0.0 for PHP ( This new version come with a better the responsive template ( for system construction. The template now features inbox exchange, system notifications via dropdown, document storage and sharing between users, and better responsiveness.

The framework has new features and components such as new calendar, new Bootstrap forms, new charts, new master/detail forms, new components, and several others demonstrated by more than 20 new examples in Tutor, the framework demo application (

The Adianti Framework for PHP ( is an open source project that provides a persistence, control and presentation infrastructure for building business management systems. It allows great productivity in the creation of new systems through ready-made components and templates.

Here a summarized video of the news:

The new features of Framework and Studio can be checked here:

We also offer fully repaginated sample applications:

Adianti Framework, Fire department, Management systemsGaucho fire department aims to standardize management systems Adianti Framework
  • 2016-07-11
  • EN

About to gain autonomy in their administration, the Command of the Southern Rio Grande Fire Department is seeking greater structuring and standardizing its management systems development. This standardization will give freedom to create the corporation management systems themselves and adhering to their reality, which will be independent of the Military Police (Military Police).

To this end, its systems development team, which already has experience in PHP and MySQL, found in Adianti Framework a solution to be used as the corporate standard tool for developing management systems. corporate reality of aware in relation to the difficulty of new product acquisitions, and also worried about their Social Reason, Adianti made a donation of a development kit for corporate control, as a small contribution to the gaucho society.

This placement was authorized by the commander of the corporation, Colonel QOEM Krukoski Adriano Ferreira (MEX 033 / DA-STI / CCB / 16).

Adianti Framework, donationAdianti performs Development Kit donation to the Association of rare diseases
  • 2015-12-21
  • Adianti Framework

Adianti held in last November, giving a license of its software development kit for the São Paulo Association of Family and Mucopolysaccharidoses carriers and Rare Diseases (APMPS-DR), represented by its representative Nilton Prospero, which aims to develop the Association's management software.

The São Paulo Association of Family and Mucopolysaccharidoses carriers and Rare Diseases (APMPS-DR), was founded on July 5, 2001, and today is headquartered in Guarulhos, Brazil. It is a national NGO which aims to promote the constitutional rights of people with this syndrome and who are in situations of social vulnerability. The APMPS-DR is now internationally known for his role on the national scene, the role in the regulation of rare diseases.

In the words of Nilton ... On behalf of the São Paulo Association of Mucopolysaccharidosis and Rare Diseases (APMPS-DR), I want to thank Pablo and the whole team "Adianti" primarily by sensitivity, and then the host to us and to our project. Even if a large territorial distance between São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul, we were able to "see" and realize all the seriousness and competence of this team. We got a "partner" level we were looking for.

Adianti Framework, Nutricard, BonusCred, TrainningNutriCard and BônusCred also go to Adianti Framework
  • 2015-12-16
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

After extensive study of frameworks and development tools available on the market, the NutriCard and BônusCred companies, from Paraná, that work in the segment of food cards and private label cards, respectively, decided to use the
Adianti Framework in their management systems. To speed up the learning curve,
the group hired the Adianti training in which the knowledge is transferred on the Framework, development IDE, and they are also discussed aspects of modeling,
software architecture, and project customization.

The NutriCard is a benefit company, which offers food and meal cards, bringing benefits to employees and enabling the reduction of burdens on companies.
It is a product linked to the Trade Associations in each city where it operates, allowing that resources remain in the city. Otherwise, the BônusCred is a new concept in shopping system credit, no annual or monthly fee, is facilitated installment sales. The group was born BônusCred in Foz do Iguaçu - PR in order to assist local entrepreneurs in the management of their installment plans, taking the difficulties that management and providing tools facilitators, thus enabling the entrepreneur stay focused on your business.

With the training, the IT group intends to implement the framework by more than 5 software internal management. As Tiago Bruning, IT manager, the training showed that Adianti Framework is the most appropriate tool for developing management systems. The training only came to confirm the right decision in choosing the development tool. He already sees considerable gains in time in the development of new systems. But the main benefits are the standardization of source code readability, organization, as well as application performance.
Tiago follows the work of Adianti for several years, and concludes that this is the right time to achieve the developments the group's systems.

Pablo from Adianti, with Tiago, Christopher and Fernando from NutriCard and BônusCred
Adianti, Framework, Adianti FrameworkAdianti Framework 3.0.0: More eloquent, responsive, and auditable
  • 2015-11-25
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

After over a year of work, we would like to share with you the news of Adianti Framework 3.0.0 for PHP ( This new version Has Been available since 11.25.2015. Among the main innovations is a new responsive template ( for building systems based on AdminLTE theme. New features have Also Been created in order to record logs (access, change records, SQL log) in templates. In addition, various methods "shortcuts" were created in the persistence layer, based on Eloquent ORM.

With the new version, new components Have Been created, new features are developed, and new usage examples Were made available in the Tutor, the demo application of the framework (

The Adianti Framework for PHP ( is an open source project que Provides a persistence infrastructure, control and presentation for building business management systems. It Enables highly productive in creating new systems with components and ready-made templates.

See the new video about the Framework and Studio 3.0:

The news of the Framework and Studio can be checked here:

Also it is Also launched the new edition of the book on the framework:

Adianti Framework, gestão de serviços, ticket, chamados, faturamento, contratos de serviçosPlenatech develops service management system with Adianti Framework
  • 2015-11-19
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

Plenatech ( is a company located in Caxias do Sul-RS, engaged in the provision of outsourced IT services since 2004. The Plenatech is recognized for their dedication to customers, information organization and standardization of processes. Acts providing support services, network installation, computer maintenance, installation of servers, among others.

Plenatech backed the use of Adianti Framework to develop their service management system. This system (TitanSupport) manages much of the inner workings of Plenatech as well as the services provided to customers.

Titan Support manages departments, employees, holidays, record point, lunch, registration, vehicles, services, products, inventory, regulatory, customers, passwords, service provision contracts, support tickets, tickets scheduling, process documentation, versioning documentation, financial (revenues). Reports contracts, hours, employee shifts. Provides graphs of hours performed in services per customer, employees, panels with tickets summaries. It includes system of expired contracts notifications, open tickets, tickets drives, late tickets, document editing, among others.

Titan Support was developed largely by Marco Driemeyer, analyst, partner at Plenatech in love with Linux, security, and database. Marco says that early in the project did not consider himself a born developer, as it had done some courses in PHP, but without much success against the results produced. After reading the book PHP - Programming with Object Oriented things started to make sense. After a while, he discovered the Adianti Framework, one of the first users to get the IDE Adianti Studio Pro, and video classes. As Marco, from then on, things began to change, and development gained a new level. He decided to write all the company's management system, which, according to him, was very good "tied" without generating inconsistencies. Marco notes that the system has passed the scrutiny of expert consultants and has attracted interest from other companies in acquiring it, including technical assistance and guarantee sectors.

For next year, the Plenatech seeks to increase the development sector, which will continue using the Adianti Framework as a development platform, since the results obtained so far exceeded expectations. In addition to creating new products, Plenatech plans to rewrite existing products with Adianti Framework, and with the assistance of Adianti Studio Pro.

TitanSupport screen
Adianti Framework, GreenApp, ERP, Adianti StudioTI-RS launches GreenApp, ERP developed with Adianti Framework
  • 2015-10-19
  • Adianti Framework, Adianti Studio

The GreenApp is an ERP (Integrated Management System) that supports key areas of business enterprises and is developed by IT-RS company in Venancio Aires - RS. It consists of modules that can be licensed gradually.

Always on the lookout for trends and what's happening in the market, the TI-RS saw in Adianti Framework an ally to increase productivity and quality in developing their solutions.

The main points that stand out in GreenApp are mobility and usability that provide an elegant solution, intuitive and easy interaction. In addition to being multiplatform, the system adapts well to many models of tablets and smartphones. One of the major market trends is undoubtedly the growth of solutions that support various mobile devices, and GreenApp has advantages that allow access to such resources, and IT-RS uses these advantages as a valuable selling point in winning new customers.

As Tales Igor Ebert, partner and developer in the IT-RS, the development of basic modules of the system took about 8 months, which he considers a short time compared with other projects already implemented without any framework. In addition, Thales highlights that the use of Adianti Framework and Adianti Studio helped improve the standardization and management of code and screens. As a result, the final product reaches the customer with a higher quality standard.

The GreenApp continues to evolve and every month launches new modules and features.

GreenApp in operation