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Adianti Framework

:: Screenshots

Component based Adianti framework offers a group of components (containers and widgets) to build interfaces. You can build your interface typing or using the Studio Designer interface builder.
Component based

Components for systems Adiant Framework has a good number of ready components for the development of business applications. In this figure, we can see the record seek component in action.
Components for systems

Complete forms With Adianti Framework you can quickly build interfaces with advanced visual components. In this figure, wich was built with Adianti Studio Designer, you can see some of the components from the framework.
Complete forms

Datagrids with actions, ordering With Adianti Framework, you can create fully functional datagrids with just a few lines of code. Ordering, line actions, column actions, check buttons, pagination, inline editing, and others.
Datagrids with actions, ordering

Customize the layout Creates a custom layout for some of the framework components, adding some specific CSS files to change visual aspects.
Customize the layout

Buttons with bootstrap, font awesome Create buttons using Bootstrap classes or glyphicons, and even fonts of Font Awesome.
Buttons with bootstrap, font awesome

Components for record lookup The framework comes with many components for record selection: radios, combos, check, select, multi search and others.
Components for record lookup

Visual with HTML templates You can build the interface layout using HTML and CSS, merging it with the framework components. This way, you can use more sofisticated visual resources, while merging it with all the framework functionality.
Visual with HTML templates

Studio Pro: Create forms in minutes Adianti Studio Pro comes with Adianti Studio Form Designer, an interface builder for Adianti Framework. Studio Pro also allows the rapid application development. You can use wizards to generate forms and datagrids.
Studio Pro: Create forms in minutes

Studio Pro: Create reports in minutes Adianti Studio Pro also provides Adianti Studio PDF Designer, a tool that allows to draw PDF documents, that can be dynamically filled with data by the application. This tool can be used to draw PDF documents and reports.
Studio Pro: Create reports in minutes