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Adianti Framework

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Component based
Components for systems
Complete forms
Datagrids with actions, ordering
Customize the layout
Buttons with bootstrap, font awesome
Components for record lookup
Visual with HTML templates
Studio Pro: Create forms in minutes
Studio Pro: Create reports in minutes

More speed and productivity with:

Adianti Studio Pro for Adianti Framework
  • Forms designer;
  • Model generation;
  • Form generation;
  • Listing generation;
  • Create DB from your UML;

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Adianti Framework Adianti Framework is an open source tool that provides a complete architecture for developing PHP applications, reducing development costs and helping developers to write less code. Adianti Framework is a component-based and event-driven framework that uses commonly known enterprise design patterns like MVC (Model View Controller), Front Controller and ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) design patterns like Active Record and Repository.

Adianti Framework is geared toward the development of Enterprise Applications. According to Martin Fowler, enterprise application, also known as information systems, often deal with complex data structures and a bigger volume of information. Some examples include payroll, patient records, shipping tracking, cost analysis, credit scoring, insurance, supply chain, accounting, customer service. Enterprise applications usually involve things like data persistency, concurrency, rich user interface and business logic.

Video: Adianti Framework for PHP

Features Adianti Framework is focused in the development of business applications (management systems). To speed up the creation of this kind of applications, it has a group of visual components ready to be used in the construction of forms and datagrids. This way, the developer may focus in the business logic, not in the interface building.

The maximum productivity is achieved when we use the framework along with Adianti Studio Professional, that brings functionalities like the automatic generation of forms and datagrids, besides the Adianti Studio Form Designer, a tool that allows to design the application interfaces by drag and drop, and Adianti Studio PDF Designer, a tool that allows to design PDF documents, that can be dynamically filled with data by the framework.

Adianti Framework is also the first PHP framework that provides components for Web and for Desktop. While the framework uses libraries like jQuery and Bootstrap for web, it uses Gtk for Desktop. In practice, that means that the developer may use the same framework to develop applications for Web and for Desktop.

Adianti Framework Forms

Adianti Framework Datagrids

Adianti Framework Models
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To start with the framework, we recommend you to read the quick start guide and to run the tutor application, a couple of examples of framework functions. The tutor application is a little system built with Adianti Framework and intends to demonstrate all the framework features.
I want productivity When using a framework to create new applications, we get a more uniform source-code, more quality and standardization. To make the application developement even more agile, We have created the Adianti Studio Pro, an IDE and RAD environment close tied to Adianti Framework. The main goal of Adianti Studio Pro is to automate the source-code generation for Adianti Framework. Adianti Studio Pro also comes with an interface designer (Adianti Studio Form Designer), that allows you to draw forms and datagrids for Adianti Framework. These files are stored in XML and can be used to build interfaces dynamically. Moreover, Studio Pro comes with a PDF design tool (Adianti Studio PDF Designer), that allows to draw PDF documents that can be filled with dynamic data by the application using the framework to create PDF reports.

Adianti Studio Professional